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A survival guide to Working from Home- 10 (TEN) Tips to the most productive day. How to work from home- How to be efficient at working from home

A Work From Home Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Have the Most Productive Day

Hey girl, hey, I know that life is a little crazy right now. Many of us have schedules that have been derailed, events cancelled, kids home from school, and office jobs that have been turned into remote jobs. Read on for some helpful tips to help you have the most productive day possible!

My Top 3 Tips on Picking the Perfect Outfit for a Photo Shoot

My Top 3 Tips on Picking the Perfect Outfit for a Photo Shoot

I have totally been that person changing a million times right before a family photo shoot, second-guessing everyone’s outfit, especially mine. Before you know it, every piece of clothing I own has made its way to my closet floor. If you have ever found yourself in the same stressful situation, keep reading. I have some tips to help you pick the perfect outfit for your next photo shoot!


DIY Designer House Plants on a Budget - Lauren Addison Boutique- How to create your own designer house plants on a budget. Plant tips, easy to grow house plants, designer planters. Snake plants, Philodendron, and Camille plant.

DIY Designer House Plants on a Budget

I have really wanted to add some house plants to our interior décor since we moved last year and this three-day weekend was the perfect excuse for a little house plant project. Knowing that I don’t have the best luck with plants, I decided to try and keep this project on a budget. We made three potted plants and we spent just under $50. Keep in mind, you can do this for way less.

My Journey to becoming a Boutique Owner...

My Journey to becoming a Boutique Owner...

I was recently asked how the idea of Lauren Addison Boutique came about and what made me decide that I wanted to start a business. It's a topic I love talking about, but it is also a topic that makes me feel very vulnerable. In efforts to be as honest and transparent as possible with you about my journey of becoming a business owner, I have to back up a few years to the very beginning....